Coffee Grinding, Where to start!

Grind levels have a huge impact on the flavor of the coffee we drink. No doubt if you use a bag of ordinary coffee from the supermarket you will just use it as is. However this will compromise your extraction of the coffee flavors and basically your missing out on an outstanding cup of coffee and making do with a mediocre cup instead!!!

When buying speciality coffee, knowing which grind level to choose in relation to your brewing method can be a real headache if you have no understanding or experience, you probably don't know where to start, its a common question i get. Do not worry all will be explained below.

Firstly I encourage you to purchase beans from us and grind them fresh at home yourself. If you don't know which grinder to buy, don't worry we have an up coming blog covering this soon in more detail. For now our best advice is to get a Burr Grinder!

NO! the food blender that's at the back of your cupboard collecting dust is not suitable for grinding coffee.

You can pick up a good home electric burr grinder for around £40. There is often a good second hand market on a very well known auction website! Hand grinders, well we can strongly recommend the GSI Outdoor Java Mill, one of the lightest out there, and the quality of the grind is outstanding, you can purchase the Java Mill from our web store!

Perhaps you don't have the facility to grind your own beans! If not then don't panic, we will grind them fresh, simply select at checkout from the drop down menu. Below the information will provide you with the knowledge to enable you to match your grind level to your specific extraction method.

Extra Fine – Like a Turkish Coffee made in an Ibrik? Then select Extra fine on the drop down menu in our store.

Fine – If your chosen extraction is Espresso machine and stove top moka pot then fine grind is the one for you.

Medium Fine- If using Pourover cones to brew then this is the ideal grind.

Medium - Drip Coffee This will be the grind you require if using drip method just like the GSI Ultralight Java Drip, or the GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java drip. Which you can purchase along with your coffee from the web store.

Medium-Coarse- Chemex, for the ultimate authentic coffee boffin.

Coarse – French press/ cafetiere / Press pot/ Coffee press, more names than any other method! Quick and easy and a very enjoyable method of brewing.

Extra Coarse – Cold brewing. Fancy something refreshing on a warm day, make a cold brew on ice, just make sure you grind it extra course!

All our beans are roasted fresh in small batches to ensure we get the maximum flavor all the way to your cup, after all the beans have come this far! Now you have the knowledge head onto our web store to shop with confidence, grab your beans or select your grind and get drinking!

Adam Saunders,

The Trail Coffee Company.

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