500g 'The Classic' - Single Origin - CENCOIC Co-operative, Columbia

500g 'The Classic' - Single Origin - CENCOIC Co-operative, Columbia


'The Classic'- 100% ARABICA


SCAA Score: 87.5

About The Coffee:

Single Origin, 100% Arabica, Speciaility Coffee, Grown by the CENCOIC co-operative, a collection of twelve families from the Manantial association.


A Co-operative of indigenous reserves in the Cauca region, CENCOIC has seen the political landscape of the area change drastically for the better, now being able to grow and export coffee without the threat of conflict. Grown amoungst panela, a type of sugar, as well as plantains, pineapples, yucca and lemons, flavours which come through in the sweetness of the cup. A delicious coffee, which supports local families.


Available in 227g, 500g and 1kg bags, Choose from whole bean, or select a grind preference in the drop down menu.


Coffee Facts:

Bright and Citric acidity, with big flavours of cape gooseberries and caramel. Delicious through every brewing method - a particularly smooth and creamy espresso.


Process: Washed, European Preperation - Hand Sorted.

Altitude: 1700-1850

Bean Varieties: Colombia, F6, Cattura, Tipica & Tabi


About The Trail:

'The Classic' The Coffee and the Trail Chosen by Scotty Laughland, Celebrates one of Scotlands & one of the UK's finest mountain bike routes, featuring some outstanding terrain from endless trails of challenging bedrock and gravel single track, from slick, to grippy, rough to not so smooth. With breath taking views there is no where quite like it, with it's gigantic mountains looking down on you it really gives you the feeling of the ultimate in wilderness adventures.

Brewing Tips:

Water temperatures around 205 F (96 C) should be used for optimum brewing. Do not use Boiling water 212F (100 C) this will burn the Coffee and lead to deterioration in the flavour and taste of the Coffee.



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