GSI Java Mill Coffee Grinder

GSI Java Mill Coffee Grinder

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Enjoy your favorite freshly ground Trail Coffee anywhere. The Javamill is compact and designed to go with you on all adventures, enabling the ultimate fresh coffee whilst out on adventures.


The foldable handle and nesting design makesit easy to store away in any bag. Weighing just 260g you wont know you have even got it with you. Made from the highest performing, durable co-polyester. Includes ceramic coffee grinder, grinding arm, silicone grip and a grounds cup.


Foldable handle and nesting design makes the unit compact and helps to conserve pack space.


High performance, durable co-polyester build with a ceramic burr grinder for years of service.


Silicone handle affords a sure and comfortable grip.




WEIGHT: Approx 260g


DIMENSIONS: 63.5mm x 50.8mm x 160mm


MATERIAL: Co-polyester, Ceramic


PRODUCT USE: Gourmet Backpacking, Car Camping


INCLUDES: Ceramic Coffee Grinder, Grinding Arm, Silicone Grip, Grounds Cup, Bearing Assembly

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