Trail Pouch

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3 x 28g miniture Coffee bags Packed with our 'Sticks Pass' 100 % Arabica Blend. Choose from whole beans, or select a grind setting.


Quality is not instant, however Quality can now be convienient with our compact and light weight 28g Trail Pouch designed for you to take our freshly roasted beans trail side in a sealed bag to ensure maximum freshness where ever you go.

Sticks Pass - 100% ARABICA


About The Coffee:

A blend of two South American Origins, this Columbian & Brazilian specality blend initially blended and roasted for filter and cafetiere brewing however it is delicious through every brewing method including Espresso. Caramel flavours with praline aftertaste.


Coffee Facts:

Process: Washed & Natural

Altitude: 900-1650m

Bean Varieties: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica & Coloumbia

Available in 227g, 500g and 1kg re-sealable bags, Choose from whole bean, or select a grind preference.


About The Trail:

Sticks Pass, crossing the Helvellyn range, Passing from Glenridding in the east to Thirlmere in the west. It crosses the Helvellyn range at 2,445 ft between raise and skybarrow. This singletrack pass is a much loved favorite amoungst mountain bikers and hikers who visit the Lake District therefore we see this as an appropriate Trail to Celebrate our first blend with.


Brewing Tips:

Water temperatures around 205 F (96 C) should be used for optimum brewing. Do not use Boiling water 212F (100 C) this will burn the Coffee and lead to deterioration in the flavour and taste of the Coffee.


Coffee Selection

 Dipton, County Durham, DH9 9LP

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