'The Nomad' Trail Coffee Brew Kit

'The Nomad' Trail Coffee Brew Kit

Like going Nomad? Well don't forget the Coffee!
One of the lightest ways to take Speciality Coffee on your travels and have it with you at all times. We have grouped together some of the GSI Outdoors lightest brewing equipment and our lightweight 'Trail Pouches' which results in everything you will ever need to make a freshly ground, freshly brewed cup of Gourmet Coffee in the great outdoors.
Combined Ultralight weight. 414 grams in weight, has there ever been a lighter combination?
New options, you can now change from the Ultralight to either a Coffee Rocket or the Collapsable Java Drip.

(414 grams only applies to the Ultralight Java Drip)

The Ultralight Trail Coffee Brew Kit contains:
1 x Trail Coffee Enamel Mug
1x GSI Ultralight Javadrip 
1x GSI Javamill (Coffee Grinder)
3x Trail Pouch containing 28g your chosen coffee beans.


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